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Chew Valley Arts Trail online exhibition 2020

By Organiser Sandy Bell.

If you believed the Chew Valley Arts Trail was just an everyday story of country folk you might have to think again.

In our 18th year we are running an online exhibition instead of holding the physical trail due to Covid-19. It meant there was a bit more space than in our usual brochure and so I asked for a short biography from our exhibitors rather than a quick paragraph. I thought I knew most of them well but I was overwhelmed by the diversity and levels of success behind the creative work they have brought to you over the years.

Some exhibitors are art and design graduates or members of prestigious Art Societies who also exhibit and sell in well-known galleries. Others paint for the sheer joy of it, to learn skills or to relax after a busy day working as Lawyers, Teachers, Architects, Designers, Researchers, and Novel Writers, to name but a few !

You may have previously visited their studios or exhibitions but if not, you will find a wide range of people, both professional and amateur, who are creating high quality work as painters, sculptors and makers, photographers and a film maker.

You can learn more about over forty of these special people, see examples of their creativity and find out how to contact them to talk about their work by visiting between 10am and 6pm on the weekend of 9th, 10th and 11th October 2020. The website will still be available to view until we prepare for the next Trail in 2021.


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