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Chamber looks to a bright future

Ask virtually every membership organisation and they will tell you it’s an uphill struggle to retain subscribers and attract new ones. That’s particularly true in the business sector. When costs are scrutinised very closely there are bound to be questions about the value of membership which are something of a discretionary spend.

Some organisations may sit back and accept what they see as inevitable decline - but that’s not the case for Bath Chamber of Commerce, far from it. In fact we’ve been the beneficiaries of significant investment by Business West, which owns our Chamber, as well as those covering Bristol, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

There’s a re-invigorated and enlarged membership team who are proactively engaging with lots of potential new members. And they are explaining the many benefits of being a Chamber member.It goes without saying that we continue to offer the traditional services of linking members, providing a forum for them to meet, helping with information and representing their interests.

Now there are extra advantages, such as access to advice on a wide range of topics which is especially useful for very small businesses.But possibly the most interesting element is that when you join Bath Chamber you are also joining the other Chambers within the Business West family, so having the potential of linking up with businesses right across the West of England. That means you are automatically expanding your customer base, making new contacts and expanding your horizons.

So our Chambers of Commerce are responding to the challenges facing modern business, ensuring we stay relevant and helping members achieve individual success which contributes to long term sustainable economic growth and so benefits the whole community.


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