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Artwork, Graphic Design and Illustrations


For Sandy's Artwork:

Logos and Corporate Branding

Nicola logo vers 2.jpg

One client wanted an eye catching logo

for a cleaning business.

Then diversified into a different sector.

And her children loved their hoodies !

Final logo 1 copy.jpg
Druids logo.jpg

The Druid's Arms in Stanton Drew, just around the corner from the third largest complex of standing stones in England,

is a cosy country pub, which had undergone a refurbishment and wanted a new logo to help its re-launch.

 Sandy used a modern font combined with an outline of The Cove, the historic stones which stand in the pub garden, to produce a simple but striking brand.

This led to a further commission to create a new pub sign which is very often photographed by visitors. It features the stones with one of the sides showing the sun and the other the moon. 

The sign also features a tiny mouse, which one of the regulars requested, plus an Arwen, the mystical Druidic symbol.


Commissioned Wall Art

First Octopus.jpg

I was delighted to be commissioned to produce wall art for the second Lazy Lobster fish restaurant in Castle Cary after the great success of the first venture in Chew Magna.

I have to admit that it was slightly daunting to start on the two oak walls with many other building works going on around me.

Once I got the first octopus in place I started to relax and visualise what I was trying to achieve.

Then it was time to start on the second wall and what I called Octopus Corner !

A lobster pot added a bit of detail

Making a start.jpg

Before too long there was an almost complete wall done.

Octopus corner.jpg

After that, it was just a case of paint, paint and paint - and try to keep out of the way of the sawdust.

And grab a sandwich when I had the chance !

Sandy painting 2 (with sandwich).jpg

And this Salmon had to wait for its light fitting.

This Ray had to accommodate an essential emergency alert.

John Dory and Red Gurnard are striking and unusual fish sometimes on the menu,

Wall Board crab.jpg
John Dory on wood board.jpg
Red Gurnards on wood board.jpg

Upstairs are a number of items on oak boards to complete the effect.


I was pleased to complete a commission for wall art in the Chew Valley Pet Hub in Chew Magna.

The owners asked for a variety of small animals and a very large shaggy dog to decorate their premises, particularly to amuse and interest the children.

Dog and cat door.jpg
Lazy Lobster 6 small.jpg

When the Lazy Lobster fish restaurant and fishmonger in Chew Magna wanted a striking, hand painted piece of fish based art work they turned to Sandy to paint their brilliant oak wall to give the bistro its distinctive atmosphere. 

Lazy Lobster 5 small.jpg
Lazy Lobster 2 small.jpg

The owners, Don and Donna Kelly were delighted: "Having known Sandy as a local friend and knowing of her art work, we asked her if she would do a sea food mural on an oak wall, though we thought it might have been out of her comfort zone.

Sandy agreed to do the work and we left it to her. To this day, all our customers are in awe of the mural on the oak wall and it looks as good now as it did when it was painted two years ago.

Thank you so much Sandy. How about doing Lazy Lobster 2 for

us ?"

Lazy Lobster 2, in Castle Cary, is close to completion and there will be more wall art for diners to enjoy.

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