Lets bin litter for good

It’s excellent news that the Council is signing up enforcement officers to hand out fines to those dropping litter in the street and other public places because a shabby place reflects badly on all who live and work there. Hopefully, the new appointees will act proportionately and not be a heavy handed gestapo, but their very presence should make people think twice before disposing of their rubbish. When you travel around the world it’s immediately obvious when the streets are clean and it really enhances the appearance of place. You find yourself thinking positively about a city which seems to take a pride in its appearance and where you see even young children dropping their sweet wrappers

Fantastic artwork for new fish restaurant

Sandy was asked to produce a major piece of fish based artwork to decorate a long wooden wall in the Lazy Lobster, which has opened recently in Chew Magna. Customers have been amazed at what she achieved with a tiny paintbrush !

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