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We have a wide experience of print and broadcast journalism and production and so understand what journalists want - their deadlines, their styles and their story needs.





Regular commentary on a variety of business related subjects.

Presentation and Meeting Facilitation


Experienced radio presenter and network radio producer. Years of successfully chairing meetings, ensuring everyone has their say and the best outcomes achieved.


Before you can decide what you want to say, you need to know the context, the history and background. Only then can you decide what is important and what isn't. In other words you need the sort of insight we can bring.



Thorough fact finding 

is the essential bedrock for 

any story. We have years of

experience and the know how

to access and identify

information you can rely on.

Website Design and Content


We can design a website and create suitable content to make the most of what your business offers.



Sandy is an accomplished, award winning wildlife painter, who has produced a wide variety of work.


She can apply her training in graphics and art to the production of logos, brochures and all kinds of printed material.





Getting your message across can be done in many different ways. Sometimes it is done below the radar by talking to the right people and telling them the right things to help further your cause.


Our contacts are second to none in the West of England. We can guarantee your concerns are heard by the people who matter.



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