Rice Centre trustee

I was pleased to be invited to join the Board of Trustees of the Bath based RICE Centre, which does ground breaking work in the treatment of elderly people suffering from dementia. I very much hope to be able to help them with communicating the excellent work they do and assist with ideas for additional fund raising.

Find room for young people

Back in 2013 Bath and North East Somerset Council Council responded to residents in three wards, Widcombe, Westmoreland and Oldfield Park, who were complaining about too many students houses. Extra regulations were imposed, making it more difficult for future applications to be granted for what are termed “Houses of Multiple Occupancy” (HMO). This all seemed well and good because we would all understand the concerns of residents who didn’t want their streets turned into a student hall of residence. However, now the Council is considering making the rules even tighter in those wards and possibly even applying them right across the City. Unfortunately there is often a law of unintended consequ

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