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With many years experience in journalism and broadcasting we can highlight your virtues, identify your key strengths, mould them into an effective strategy, and generate stories in the media to back it up.


You may not even have to pay for advertising at all.


We'll advise on the timing, placement and style of your announcement.


We can calm things in the heat of a crisis.









The Kingsdon Inn at Somerton suffered a catastrophic fire in its thatched roof which meant it was closed for several months whilst repairs were undertaken.
Such closures can be disastrous for a country pub, but by regular placement of stories to highlight progress, the re-opening was a great success.
We later timed a Valentine's Day love story which featured the couple running the pub on Regional BBC TV.

We're never afraid to get our hands dirty !


When Bath and North East Somerset Council wanted to illustrate the support from the business community for their expanded Park and Ride there was only one way to do it.

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