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Let X mark the spot

Rows might still be raging about whether to have a second BREXIT referendum, but there is no doubt we are definitely going to have a vote next year to decide the make up of the Council to rule over Bath and North East Somerset.

So now’s the time for business people to let all the parties know what you’d like to see in their manifestos.

Companies don't have a vote, but staff do, and it’s as well to let candidates know what they’d like the freshly elected Councillors to do.

Members of the Chamber and Initiative are clear on three main policy areas which will ensure the local economy remains strong.

First, we need to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the creation of modern office space on the Quays site. That will create jobs, allow existing firms to xpand and stay in the City, whilst also attracting new inward investment.

Second, we must grasp the nettle of housing provision, increasing supply of homes of all kinds. If that means re-addressing precisely where the green belt should be, then so be it.

Third, we would like politicians to be brave when it comes to transport. An eastern park and ride should be back on the agenda, public transport should continue to improve, but city centre car parking must be protected to serve the many people who need it.

There are plenty of other things that could be raised and I will certainly be doing so on behalf of our members. I would very much encourage all business people to have their say now. This is the time to influence events and I know all parties will be listening.

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