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Look out for fresh ideas

Travel is supposed to broaden the mind. And as it’s getting to the time of year when people start to go off on trips, in this country, across Europe and the rest of the world, it got me thinking.

Thousands of Bathonians will be visiting places all over the globe and they are perfectly placed to gather ideas, scooping up new ideas which we could use in our own combination to produce a vision for what we want this place to be in the future.

The Chamber and Initiative would be delighted to act as the suggestion box, collecting a wide range of experiences from people who think they have seen something that might work for Bath and which we haven’t yet thought of. There’s nothing wrong in borrowing good ideas.

Suppose, instead of simply basking on the beach or indulging in improving cultural activity, we kept our eyes open when we travelled outside Bath for ways in which people do things differently ?

It could be anything. How do others organise their parking, their taxis or public transport. How much do they charge, how easy is it to see where you are supposed to go and what about the quality of the services on offer ?

When you are walking around the streets, take a look at the buildings. Are they all similar in design and age ? Or are they a mix of modern contemporary rubbing shoulders with historic and classic styles ? Crucially, does the combination work well to your eye or is it a hotch potch of messiness ?

When you are staying in a hotel do you spot something unusual that makes your stay that much more comfortable and memorable ? And when you visit an attraction, particularly one in a city centre, is there something that could fit in well into Bath and improve the visitor experience ?

There are a number of uncertainties facing us in the future, but one thing is for sure. We are going to have to come up with new solutions to the challenges and it makes sense to watch out for what others have already done in their own communities.

You can still enjoy your break and have a well earned relax, but wouldn’t it be great if we could fill a suggestion box with a range of new ideas, sift through them and produce a future vision for Bath which combines the very best ?

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