Carry on regardless

When it comes to Brexit our members have one central request of Government and that is what will future arrangements look like ? Unfortunately it appears it will be some time before we learn the answer. In the meantime the only thing that people can do is to run their businesses as usual with as much enthusiasm and optimism as they can generate. The very worst thing that could happen is that we talk ourselves down into a pre-Brexit spiral of depression – a trap we must avoid at all costs. That said, it is reasonable for businesses to express their concerns to Government. By being part of Business West it means our voice in Bath and North East Somerset is combined with those of companies in B

Don't neglect the AGM

Three words send a shiver down the spine of many business people or members of organisations. They are … Annual General Meeting. Grown men and women have been known to concoct the most complex excuses for why they can’t attend a necessary but often unexciting part of running a company. That won’t apply of course to Bath Chamber of Commerce and I expect members will be flocking to the 115th AGM. On the face of it business has changed out of all recognition since the early days of the 20th century when our first members gathered together. But it says a lot about the enduring qualities of Chambers of Commerce that they continue to survive and for an organisation to operate for more than a hundr

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