Park and Ride nearly here

On Wednesday evening I will be speaking at a meeting of the Cabinet of Bath and North East Somerset Council at which they should be making a decision on which site to use for a Park and Ride to the East of Bath, something we have long been lobbying for. The last two sites being considered are both in the Bathampton Meadows. One is slightly larger than the other but the smaller one is already owned by the Council so this would make it easier to deliver. I don't really mind which one they go for as long as they agree to go ahead. There is very considerable local opposition from people who live close by but the Federation of Bath Residents Associations is in favour as is the Business Improvemen

Recipe for Success

Confidence in business is one of the most powerful drivers to success. People who talk things up frequently see positive results whilst the pessimists are too often the purveyors of self fulfilling prophecies of doom. Of course you can’t just be a thoughtless optimist without some solid evidence, but there are so many aspects of our local economy which show we can be successful in this New Year and so I hope you will join me as an advocate of what our area can achieve. The Initiative does that in many ways. We celebrate the successes of our high tech, global businesses and delight in the triumphs of companies who lead the way in professional services. But we also do what we can to highlight

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