Council says yes to Devolution Deal

I took the chance to speak at the latest meeting of the Bath and North East Somerset Council Cabinet to encourage Councillors to agree to a deal to form a combined authority for the West of England which will bring at least a billion pounds for infrastructure and other projects over the next 30 years. The good news was that the deal was approved, so this means Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire will all get together which will be a benefit to business. There will also be benefits for Councils which will be able to retain increased income from business rates rather than sending most of it back to the Treasury. It will mean there will be a Mayor for the combined au

Business should have a say on the future

We are shortly to go into a consultation period about a local authorities document. I can almost hear you saying, "not another consultation !" But bear with me, because this is really important. The discussions will be all about a Joint Spatial and Transport Plan being produced by all four Councils in the West of England. It will be the basis of a blueprint for how the area will look in 20 years time. It will set out how many homes we'll build in Bath and North East Somerset, where employment space will be and how transport facilities will join it all up. This will affect the future of your business, providing you with space to grow and the staff to help you develop. But it will do much mor

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